Are you an Agent, a Broker or a Lender who receives loan applications?
Do you get these applications via paper based forms, e-mails, phone calls or in some cases on-line applications?
Do you need to edit or add more information to the applications before you can process them?
Do you have to re-key the data from the applications into some other program after you receive the application?
Do you need to monitor the status of the application?
Can you easily get useful reports on all your applications?
Can you set reminder notes on the applications that will automatically remind you when a task is due?
Do you need the ability to get online applications directly from your website?
Can you access your applications 24 X 7 from anywhere in the world, securely and safely?
If you already have the ability to address all or some of the above then ask yourself this
What does it cost you today to keep the process running?
Do you have a team that oversees the functioning of your online application process?
Are your forms easy to follow for your clients?
Can you easily add new loan application forms to your process?
Can you upload the applications into any other application?
See how Easy Entry™ can help you become more productive and efficient in the way your manage your applications
Easy Entry™ offers you a low-cost, highly functional and productive online service that among other things, addresses all of the above.
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Easy Entry™ provides you with online forms that are well researched and thought of to give you all the required info to complete an application.
No more headaches of maintaining and updating the application forms on your site.
Easily integrates into your existing website so that it appears as an extension of your website without your clients knowing that they even left your site to fill in an application form.
Monitor your applications through your secure user id and password.
Set reminders on applications to follow up with your clients just set a date and time to the task and Easy Entry™ does the rest
No need to remember when loans for your existing clients are up for renewal - Easy Entry™ does it for you.
Reports that you can view your applications in a number of ways
An added bonus if you currently use MorWEB from Marlborough Sterling, Easy Entry™ will link your applications directly to MorWEB. No more re-keying of data to create the application - just one click and the data instantly uploads into MorWEB saving you the time that it would have taken you to re-key the data.

Contact us to take a test drive of Easy Entry™ and see for yourself how you too can benefit from this unique service. Call us at 905-278-8234 or send us an e-mail to and we will gladly set up a demo for you.